| TIM Panic Button

One touch of a button helps protecting lives

The most important functions at a glance

  • alarming at the touch of a button
  • triggering silent alarm
  • room surveillance by microphone
  • sending text messages

The TIM Panic Button is an alarm function for threat situations. With the TIM Panic Button the microphone on the IP phone is switched on by pressing a button and the scenario is transmitted to a predefined group of IP phones.

The TIM Panic Button is an alerting option for all conceivable threat situations. TIM Panic Button is an XML service. This service enables you to establish a multicast connection with a predefined group of telephones (target devices) by pressing a key on the Cisco IP phone (source device). The target devices show a message on the display which can be defined at will. The service activates the loudspeaker on the target device and plays back live what is spoken on the source device. It is suitable for all environments with potential threats from direct party traffic (e. g. offices, institutes, insurance companies, citizen's offices, banks). Any calls that may take place at this point in time on the target device are overlaid. This ensures that it is always possible to act adequately in an emergency situation. This function can also be used for announcements to a defined group of phones (broadcasts).