| Single-Sign On for TIM (SSO)

No additional login to TIM applications with SSO

The most important functions at a glance

  • Professional integration of TIM in enterprise environments
  • Single Sign-On with SAML 2 via AD FS 2.0/3.0
  • faster access to all TIM applications without re-entering passwords
  • also works with Jabber Tabs

Single sign-on extension for TIM and TIM Jabber integration. Single sign-on with SAML 2 is supported via AD FS 2.0/3.0 (from Windows 2008 R2 Server).

This TIM module is used for the seamless integration of TIM applications in large environments. Users no longer need to authorize themselves on the TIM server using a username and password. The authorization takes place automatically in the background between the TIM Server and Identity Provider (IDP) resulting in maximum security and accelerated access to TIM.