| TIM Emergency Call Mapping

Highly scalable emergency call & localization solution for SIP Telephony

The most important functions at a glance

  • Localization of an emergency call based on the IP address
  • replacing the caller’s phone number with a location-based, recallable number
  • e-mail notification with exact location of an incoming emergency call

TIM Emergency Mapping replaces the calling number of an emergency call with a location based, geolocalizable number.

TIM Emergency Mapping ensures that outgoing emergency calls are always routed to the correct and responsible emergency call center even when using a central SIP trunk. The legal stipulation of the ability to recall in case of emergency remains guaranteed. In addition, any number of sites can be set up. In addition, an e-mail can be sent to the appropriate control centres (porters, security guards, central administration, etc.). This email contains the exact location of the alert and helps the emergency services to reach the scene of the accident more quickly.